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The Kivaflex Cablefloor low profile access floor system system has been in use all over the world for decades. The simple design and excellent load bearing characteristics make it a maintenance free, trouble free solution. Installed at Epcot Center in the early 1990's, they have never had to replace a single tile . If you have visited Epcot over the last twenty years , it is likely that you have already walked on the floor without realizing it.

 What is "Architectural Technology Infrastructure" ?

  • The Kivaflex Cablefloor system is not permanently attached to the building structure. As such , when a client moves they may actually take the floor with them and reinstall in their new facility.
  • The Kiva Cablefloor base can be recycled if desired
  • The Kiva Cablefloor floor tile is UL listed and LEED qualified.
  • Modular carpet tile is reusable as well as recyclable. LEED Qualified
  • Preterminated data cabling means no wasted materials and can be reused.
  • Movable wall partitions eliminate dry wall construction materials going to the local landfill. LEED qualified
  • Modular plug and play electrical system can be reconfigured over and over again rather than demolition and rewiring  . Less material to the local landfill and lower cost to the customer.

Architectural Technology Infrastructure

For all practical purposes, the construction industry has not changed in over a hundred years. While better tools and technologies are employed, the basic process itself has remained the same.  End users and architects collaborate to design a facility based on the end-users current requirements. By the time the structure is complete, it no longer meets the end-user’s needs.

Unforeseen problems during the construction phase can lead to costly change orders that still don’t satisfy the end-users rapidly changing workspace requirements. Adding to the existing problem is the timeworn process of constructing the buildings data communications and power utilities plant on site using expensive labor and inflexible one time use materials that may end up in the local landfill after the first change order.

Plenum air spaces were never a good location for sensitive data cables and of course if your data cables are located in the ceiling, then power poles will be required to deliver available ports to the work area. This cluttered restrictive design makes future moves, adds and changes time-consuming, expensive and difficult.

“Architectural Technology Infrastructure” is a design concept entailing the use of modular systems and building materials that can be reused over and over. These “plug and play” products are manufactured off-site in quality control factory environments, and can be quickly assembled on-site eliminating costly labor, reducing installation time dramatically and most importantly, providing an end-user with a flexible workspace that can be quickly and easily adapted to meet their changing requirements.

Utilizing our ATI concept, an end-user can enjoy a flexible open collaborative workspace and easily access power or data utilities beneath their feet wherever they require it.

Whenever a new technology or new methodology is introduced, there is an expectation that of necessity, it will cost more.  Naturally, each project has to be analyzed individually however, as a general rule , our Cablefloor ATI solution is typically less expensive than building out your facility the old-fashioned way. Your project will cost less, it will be done sooner and your final result will adapt to your needs on an ongoing basis.