Modular Interior Technologies

Low Profile Access Floor

All access floors are not created equal

The great advantage of the Kiva Cablefloor system is it's unique, built in, wall to wall, cable management.

In the past , expensive plenum rated data cables have been distributed in the ceiling where they may be exposed to sharp edges, elevator motors, lighting transformers, HVAC systems and fire life safety systems. This method also required  ladder racking and power poles or poke thru's to deliver data runs to the work station and the additional time and labor required for installation

Inefficient, inaccessible and expensive , the ceiling was never a good choice to distribute network cabling. A single workstation relocation becomes a major undertaking and generally any and all MAC work sends one time use materials to the local landfill.

Kivaflex Cablefloor Features

Pre-terminated Network Cabling

" MIT offers a wide variety of Pre-terminated Copper and Fiber Optic  Cabling Solutions "

Traditional access floor creates an open underfloor space that provides no method for managing delicate network cabling or electrical power systems. These legacy access floor systems , originally designed for "computer room" or "server room environments" , utilize heavy metal envelope, cement filled tiles that require a suction cup tool to lift in order to access sub floor network systems. Prior to recent code changes, previous generations of abandoned network cables often filled up the sub floor cavity with potentially dangerous, flammable, toxic materials . Now that these abandoned cables must be removed, the need for "deep" access floor in the open office environment has also  been reduced. Where it was common in the past  to see 6" ,12" or even 18" access floors, the benefits of an access floor for facilitating easy installation, management  and access to sub floor cabling networks can be realized in a low 2.5" overall floor height

Kivaflex Cablefloor and its unique built in underfloor cable management structure provide a safe protected environment where copper and fiber optic data cabling may be safely laid in place and easily accessed in the future for MAC work

A primary benefit of the horizontal cable management feature of the Kiva Cablefloor solution is the ability to support factory preterminated network cabling solutions. Rather than "estimating" how much material will be required [ data cable, patch panels jacks etc]  and constructing the data network cabling plant on site, requiring expensive field time and labor , quality controlled factory produced network cabling assemblies are provided based on the precise layout of the Kiva flex solution. These network cable assemblies are manufactured in an air conditioned quality controlled factory environment and tested to EIA TIA industry standards and shipped with test documentation . They are covered by factory warranties and their performance is guaranteed . Installation labor is reduced by 90% and there is zero waste.

Inflexible and restricted

Modular Pre-terminated Data Cabling

Flexible open office plan

  • Safe protected environment
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Easy access for MAC work
  • Plenum rated cable not required
  • Single horizontal plane for cabling
  • Intelligent Zone Cabling layout design
  • Enables Cable plant documentation
  • Less waste to the environment
  • Maintain required separation between power and data cabling