Modular Interior Technologies

Low Profile Access Floor

According to the latest IFMA Facility Management Practices: Research Report # 16,

"Churn averaged 35 percent with over one-half of all workstations open plan."

"Business dynamics are reflected in key indicators such as turnover, restructuring and workforce growth rates. Our data suggest churn to be similar in that standard rates will vary depending upon the nature of the business. Office plan mix also reflects such differences. Industries that tend to average higher churn rates show a significantly higher proportion of open office plans as well. Reorganization remains the foremost reason for high churn rates in both declining and increasing workforces.- See more at:"

This means that in an office of 1000 workstations, 350 of them will have moved this year. And next year and the year after that.

Modular Plug and Play Electrical System

  Kiva Flex components   

   A  -  Zone Distribution Box Prewired                                          
   B -   Flush Lid Service Module Prewired                                                                                
   C  -  System Conversion Module(interface w/ contractor wired wall box)         
   D  -  System Conversion Module (interface w/ furniture system power feed)              

   E  -   Grommet
   F  -   Circuit Cable Splitter 4-Way                                                                     
   G  -   Inline Cable Connectors
   H  -   Inline Circuit Cable Set
    I  -    Zone Starter Cables combined with Cable Sets and In-line  connectors to form modular zone cables from building
            circuit panel  to Zone Distribution Box  



Kiva Flex Power Solutions

Zone Distributed “Plug and Play” Electrical Power System

Rather than wiring furniture stations the old fashioned way, with expensive on site labor and raw materials  our flexible, plug and play, modular solution is manufactured in a factory environment and ships ready to install , eliminating costly job site delays while providing factory supervised quality control. Future moves and changes are accomplished quickly and easily and don’t require the disposal of expensive one time use materials at the local landfill. Furniture work stations may simply be "unplugged" and relocated saving considerable time and expense.

Flush mount floor boxes provide for the distribution of power as well as for termination points for copper or fiber optic data communications cabling . Furniture and De-mountable wall connections may be made via a modular connection or pigtail. Rather than permanent inflexible in-floor solutions, our flush mount floor boxes are sitting " in " our access floor, above the slab, and may be easily relocated.

Note : Floor boxes are available for both low profile access floor as well as traditional adjustable height access floor.

Why " Zone " wiring  ?

 The Kiva Flex system provides for the secondary consolidation of up to [12] 20 AMP circuits in under floor zone distribution boxes. When adding additional floor boxes or new work stations or simply relocating existing stations it is not necessary to run power back to the wiring closet, only to the nearest zone box location. Essentially, a sub panel , conveniently located in the sub floor rather than a distant wiring closet. Smaller work area's may be wired in a "daisy chain" configuration, allowing for easy box to box to box wiring layout design.

All components are rated for 20 Amps and tested to 600 volts. All components of the Kiva Modular Electrical System are UL/CUL listed per UL 183-Manufactured Wiring Systems, UL5-Multi-Outlet Assemblies, or UL514A-Metallic Outlet Boxes and are approved for environmental air handling spaces other than ducts or plenums UL CSA

Modular components are simply laid in place according to preplanned power and data cabling As-Built drawings . No field wiring is required. Expensive on site labor is eliminated . No matter how many changes take place in the work area all components are reused over and over.