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Low Profile Access Floor

We can now also offer a 1.25"  solution where a lower overall FFH is desired. The new Flex 125 also has its own modular electrical solution.

Kiva Cablefloor

The Kiva Cablefloor system is a unique modular, low profile, fixed height, access floor. This simple 2 1/2" floor is extremely strong with a load bearing capability exceeding 20,000 Lbs per square foot. The floor tile is a Portland cement wood fiber composite, is not flammable and will not absorb moisture. The sub floor support system , a continuous grid of cylinders on 6" centers, is a polypropylene construction. Each of the sub floor support cylinders are rated to support a 5000 Lb. load.

 The unique sub floor support system provides built in wall to wall cable management and eliminates the need for rigid expensive cable tray systems, power poles or poke thru's. The individual channels created by the support cylinders will each hold up to 100 Category 5E cables or 70-80 Cat 6 cables There are 4 channels under each tile meaning that 300-400 cables can easily be run in a 2' pathway.  The safe protected open under floor pathways  provide virtually unlimited capacity for power and data cabling. Projects requiring thousands of drops can be managed with ease.

The Kiva Cablefloor system is non metallic and will never rust. There are no sharp metallic edges which can potentially damage sensitive copper or fiber optic data cabling. Unlike metallic access floors, the system does not require any additional expense for bonding and grounding. The system is very stable and quiet and has been previously tested and approved for UBC seismic zone 4.

 There are several system options for accommodating floor height changes for the Kiva Cablefloor system . Floor slabs may be recessed 2 1/2" to accept the system . Several ramping options are also available. Ramps are available pre-manufactured and are 30 inches in length to comply with the ADA 1:12 ramp rise requirement. Ramps may also be "poured" on site. We carry a complete line of high quality  handrails and guardrails although their use is not required under ADA guidelines due to the low 2 1/2" FFH.

 Modular Interior Technologies distributes and installs all types of access flooring for data center and legacy computing environments however the Kiva Cablefloor system is specifically designed for open office environments. With building services just beneath your feet, Kiva Cablefloor makes it possible to reconfigure your work space environment quickly and easily and without the usual demolition materials that end up in the local landfill. Best of all, when comparing total overall costs, it is typically less expensive to fit out your interior office space with our  modular solution than with traditional methodologies. And when its time to reconfigure your work space, additional savings are realized.

The perfect choice for new construction or retrofit applications, Kiva Cablefloor  is the centerpiece of the ATI© system. Kiva Cablefloor along with our modular power and pre-terminated zone data cabling solutions provide a completely modular, user friendly workplace environment that will easily adapt to your changing needs.

Modular interior Technologies Low Profile Access Floor

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