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Modular Interior Technologies offers infinite options for floor finishes with Modular carpet tile from the Mohawk Group.  In traditional office space, broadloom carpet has been king for decades.  Designed for large areas, its large loom meant fewer seams.  Unfortunately with the good comes the bad. Worn or damaged area’s required the replacement of the carpet for the entire work space. Carpet ranks second only to disposable diapers as the greatest offender in our national landfills.

   Fortunately, today’s modular carpet tile offers superior performance over traditional broadloom roll goods. Damaged, worn or stained tiles can be replaced or simply popped out and cleaned in a sink. In fact Modular carpet tile is recyclable so it can be used over and over again. The Mohawk Group has an extensive selection of environmentally friendly modular carpet tile in a wide range of design selections offering limitless choices for your installation. We are happy to provide samples to help you with your selection.  All of the Mohawk Groups products are listed on their Ecoscorecard  which list the LEEDS points for your modular carpet Installation

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For Data Center, EOC, 911 call centers, server rooms or similar applications requiring a durable vinyl tile finish, Modular Interior Technologies offers a wide range of ESD, rubber and vinyl tile products. Oscoda Plastics PROTECT ALL vinyl tile is made from 100% recycled material. This durable 1/4" thick 24" x 24" or Interlocking 18" x 18" product has a 10 year warranty and is available in a wide range of colors. The Protect All Gloss finish is a urethane coating which means that cleaning is accomplished with a simple light broom or dust mop/damp mop.  The Protect-All product also carries Leeds points