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Architectural Demountable Wall Partitions

Modular Interior Technologies

MIT offers a wide variety of Architectural Demountable Modular Wall Systems. Rather than building your office space utilizing permanent, one time use construction materials that will end up in the local landfill, consider the benefits of Modular Demountable Wall partitions.

Flexible – walls can be moved again and again. Walls may be reconfigured for changing client needs.

Quick Installation - pre-fabricated modular products are quickly and easily installed on site without sacrificing quality.

Sustainable - Environmentally friendly, factory produced walls are manufactured to reduce waste and allow for recycling to prevent material going to local landfills.

LEED qualified.

Attractive – finishes including laminate wood, vinyl ,segmented glass, sliding doors etc. provide a high aesthetic value

Quality control – factory production translates to perfect product, every time with less reliance on local installation labor.

Cost effective - Movable /Demountable Wall Systems pay for themselves with each move.

Modular Demountable Wall Systems are available in a wide variety of architectural finishes with several options for power and data utility service. When used in conjunction with the Kiva Cablefloor access floor system, the workplace becomes a flexible environment where changing client needs are met quickly and easily at a lower cost to the client and with less impact on our environment.

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