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Construction CSI Trade Codes: 09690 & 10270

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MIT is a nationwide Turn key  provider of the Kivaflex Cablefloor system.

MIT promotes a simple idea. We provide Modular Interior Office Solutions utilizing the latest in plug and play technologies. Our architectural technology solutions provide the client a flexible work space that will adapt quickly and easily to their changing needs.

 Sometimes new ideas cost more. Our ideas will save you money... up front.  Since our products are modular and reusable, additional saving are  realized each time a space is reconfigured. Workstations can be moved in hours instead of days and without having to deal with multiple sub contractors. For new construction, a  typical interior fit out can drag on for weeks or even months depending on the size of the space. Utilizing our modular systems, we can compress the construction schedule dramatically.

  In the past, power and data cabling have been the anchor, weighing down your office layout design. Locating power and data in the ceiling is more expensive and inflexible and requires power poles or the need to position systems furniture near walls or columns in order to access data and power . As call center operations take over space from former big box store locations, new tenants may have to deal with 30 ft ceilings. Our low profile solutions solve the problem by locating power and data utilities in their own protected environment , right beneath your feet. Shifting workstations is simple easy and quick and doesn't require "rewiring" and sending waste to the local landfill.
Henry Ford brought us the assembly line for manufacturing automobiles. MIT applies the same principle to office interiors.Factory built, quality guaranteed products that are quickly and easily assembled in the field.
 We're happy to provide you with a turnkey budgetary quote for your facility for any of our products. Schools and Universities , Call Centers, Command and Control environments, Military installations, Libraries , Simulators and Open Office Environments are some of the typical applications where our systems are being used..


We have a long history selling and installing these products nationally and internationally. Naturally we are happy to provide references from satisfied customers

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If you have an upcoming project or would simply like some information or samples for your library please contact us. We may also be able to schedule a lunch and learn for your team.


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MIT consistently delivers  excellent results. Whether your project is a small conference room or a building wide application, our experienced team will help you deliver an one time, on budget project.



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