Low Profile Access Floor

It's simple really. Onsite labor with all of its variables versus products produced in a quality controlled, factory environment. Onsite assembly is fast, efficient and more cost effective.

How strong is the Kivaflex flooring ?

Will Kivaflex absorb moisture and expand ?

How many data drops will fit under each floor tile ?

How do we handle elevation changes ?

What if we want to add a floor box or move a floor box after the initial install ?

What's the warranty on the system ?

Architectural Technology Infrastructure

modular power

Architectural Wall Demountable Partitions replace drywall construction and allow clients to easily create or modify  their work space. Available in a wide variety of finishes such as glass, laminate, wood veneer and fabric.


There are two questions to consider when it comes to sustainability. What is the product made of  and will it save energy ? Most clients also want to know if it will save them money.

Kiva Low Profile Access  Floor
Demountable Walls

We offer a wide variety of environmentally friendly beautiful modular carpet and vinyl tile floor finishes which allow easy access to sub floor power and data utilities.



As our name implies, Modular Interior Technologies provides flexible, sustainable, modular, architectural technology solutions for today’s evolving modern work space.The Kivaflex Cablefloor low profile access floor system makes it easy to reconfigure your office space to adapt to your changing requirements. 

Combined with our integrated plug and play power and data solutions, demountable architectural wall partitions and modular carpet tile or vinyl tile finish we provide a complete modular interior office fit out .

Modular Interior Technologies

According to the latest IFMA Facility Management Practices: Research Report # 16,

" Churn averaged 35 percent with over one-half of all workstations open plan. "

"Business dynamics are reflected in key indicators such as turnover, restructuring and workforce growth rates. Our data suggest churn to be similar in that standard rates will vary depending upon the nature of the business. Office plan mix also reflects such differences. Industries that tend to average higher churn rates show a significantly higher proportion of open office plans as well. Reorganization remains the foremost reason for high churn rates for both a declining or increasing workforce .- See more at: http://www.ifma.org/publications/books-reports/facility-management-practices-research-report-16#sthash.HtWFewE2.dpuf"

This means that in an office of 1000 workstations, 350 of them will have moved this year. And next year and the year after that !

Floor finishes

Kivaflex is a simple modular low profile access floor that provides wall to wall cable management. Available in 2 1/2" and 1 1/4" FFH. Eliminate power poles, poke thru's , trench duct and expensive plenum wiring in the ceiling. 


Modular Power and Data


      Plug and play solutions

New construction or retrofit

Our modular plug and play power and data solutions install quickly and make reorganizing your office space faster, easier and less expensive. And without sending demolition material to the local landfill.




     Modular Construction